Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Book Loot

As I said before I wanted to update my bookshelf - I wanted to update my lame collection being so dormant for 3 months now or longer. :) 

Indicated in my post - Friday Finds (Aug 27) - I've listed down books that I wanted to buy. Two of which I already bought but haven't read yet. One was The Lightning Thief, the first book from the Percy Jackson series. The other was The 48 Laws of Power, a gift to my partner which she is enjoying right now. 
Jeuel went out to buy a gift to her brother Zeus for his 23rd birthday which is later this day. Taking advantage of her generosity and doing my puppy eyes, I asked her if she could buy me a couple of books. :) Hehehe. I gave her a 3 book list so I can read them this following weeks, but she ended up buying me 7 books! Yey to me.

So being the addict that I am, I told her I can get hooked being bought tons of books. I even justified the addiction by saying that she should be thankful that my only interest are books and not like some girls who loves shopping for expensive clothes/shoes/bags or whatever their addiction are. :D Well she just told me that as long as I am happy, she can buy me as many books as I want. 
So here's is my uhhm treasures for this month. Forgive me for lame choices but I've heard good reviews about these books so whatever. Lol. 

So here is the list if you don't see the pictures clearly since I only used my phone on this one. 

The Time traveller's Wife
Alice Adventure in Wonderland and

Plus the books that I bought online the other day

The Lightning Theif and
The 48 Laws of Power

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