Friday, August 27, 2010

Five Question Friday (Aug 27)

Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then go to YouTube to vote for my video. (I kid. I KID!! Well, I mean, I want you to vote for me, but it's not a 5QF rule!) Then, c'mon back Friday morning and link up!

Feel free to answer the questions in the comments if you don't have a blog!

Questions for Friday, August 26th: (Special thanks to PamDeannaSandyJill, and Julianne for their question suggestions! If YOU would like to be linked in a future 5QFc'mon over to my community, and offer up your best question suggestions!)

1. How many pets do you have?

2. If you could switch places with anyone in the world for one day, who would it be?

3. What is your favorite money saving tip?

4. What do you want your kids to be when they grow up?

5. What is your favorite quote?

1. Yes I do have 1 dog. Her name's Chelsea and she's a Japanese Spitz. :)

2. If I could switch, it would be with my dad. For anybody who doesn't know yet, my dad and i had a falling out. I wanted him to see how we feel when we're with him (we mean me, my mom and my sister) and he the other way around. :) sort of "see how it feels" thinggy.

3. My money saving tip is to buy what is needed and so save for what you want. ;D

4. First of all, I'm not married and I don't have kids yet. For future reference, I would like my kid to be whatever they like. I mean, explore young, enjoy life and decide how you want something solve and suffer the consequences. I want them to be responsible for their lives and for the effect they have on other people but i want them not to be dictated upon.

5. The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing by Socrates 


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