Friday, August 27, 2010

Funky Friday : Guilty Pleasure

Welcome to Funky Fridays!  
It is time we do something different to celebrate TGIF. Instead of focusing on the content of what we are reading (writing reviews, finding teasers to share, etc.), I thought I would start a meme on the covers of the books we are reading. There are some really amazing covers out there, and they really are worth sharing.

The Book Bites "Funky Friday" meme works like this: 

  • Every Friday, have a look at the books you have read in the last week and choose the cover you loved the most. If you aren’t a big reader (some of us are freaks of nature) think about the last 5 books you read, and choose one from those).
  • If you know the name of the artist (it should be listed other side of the title page and is also sometimes on the back cover), please include it, so people can look into their art.  
  • Think about why you liked it. Was it because you loved the artist, the concept, the model? Or maybe it was really in keeping with the spirit of the story?
  • Find a picture of your favourite cover (scanned or online – if in doubt try and share it with us. I recommend a minimum size of 200x325 so you can see the cover clearly.
  • Tell us why you like it, what draws you to it, and tell us if it affected how you approached the book.
  • Enjoy all the pretty covers! There are so many amazing, creative, inspiring and meaningful designs floating around the traps. Friday seems like a good time to celebrate this.
  • Feel free to continue this on your own blog and share the funky Friday cover love! 
It's been a lousy week for me. Been busy figuring out the layout for my blog, contents, what to's and not to. So I've only read 2 books, actually I just started reading the second book. The second book has been in my bookshelf for the past months now, I forgot I got it and haven't quite read it yet.
So the book that I am featuring this week will be:
What I love about it and why I like it : Reading through the whole series (except book 18th and 19th) I can definitely say the cover speaks for the book itself. Not only does the cover is sensual enough for our main character, Anita Blake, but the cover can also give you an idea of how yummy the man or I should say vampires and other super natural creature is in her life. 
Along the way of reading the series, you will definitely refer back to this first cover as both the story and the characters goes steamy and sensual. Plus we originally think of vampire, well on my experience with Anne Rice's series, as sensual and beautiful creatures that can seduce you and put you into trance. This cover certainly made me think of things. >:p
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