Monday, August 30, 2010

My Earliest Memory

What is my earliest memory? My earliest memory was my mom leaving me when my parents separated. It's the thought of her leaving me with my father and the thought of me growing up without the wisdom of a mother. That's the saddest part of me growing up.

But after a few years, my parents reconciled. But the family remained un-patched. We are still the dysfunctional family that we were before.


  1. disfunction makes everything more interesting! My earliest memories are of my dad being gone! I never remember them together. I, unfortunately, got to live with my mom and step dad. Luckily, I got to live with my grandmom since I was 13 and life got much better.

  2. Indeed. It makes us unique but I crave for that picket fence happy family type. I always smile whenever I hear those type of stories or do I just envy them. Sad!


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