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Review : Setting Fires by Kate Wenner

    Setting Fires
  • Title: Setting Fires
  • Author: Kate Wenner
  • Pages: 304
  • Publisher: 
  • ISBN: 068483748X
  • a Jewish documentary filmmaker faces down anti-Semitism while investigating the fire that destroyed her country home - and begins to uncover the disturbing truths hidden in her family's history while caring for her sick father, a difficult man burdened with secrets and shame.
  • Review:

  • As you all know from my recent post, Setting Fires by Kate Wenner, I started reading it a few days ago. The book was an easy read and hard to put down. From the first sentence of the chapter to the last page, it was a journey that somewhat similar to mine or so to speak. 

The book is about the life of Annie Waldmas and how she coped with the death of her family, experiences an anti semitic, and the reconnection with broken family ties. The tale talks about live and the mistakes people made through it, the gain and lost of love, how a person sees life inspite of death and how one should move on inspite the loss.

It's basically a daughter-father story that touched me entirely. As some of you might now, I don't have a good relationship with my father and reading the novel made me think some things. Does the though of eath really change everything. When one person is faced with the reality ofpassin on to the next life, do you really see life differently? 

Reading the book made me cry. I'm a cry baby but this is the first time I cried reading a book, a first I must say! I've read a lot of nice lines throughout the book and even highlighted them which is not my thing. 

Abe Waldermas talking to his family about his will to fight

"There are two possibilities," he announced. "Either this thing is going to beat me or it won't. But I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here counting the tiles in the ceiling. I'm back in. I'm going to fight. And it's because of you guys. You're the what makes me want to fight."

Abe Waldermas dicussing his options for treatment with his son Tony

"Do you want to put yourself through radiation for fifteen totwenty percet odds?"
"Twenty percent is better than no percent"

Annie's discussion with Rabbi Lowenstein about her father's cancer

"Our scholars tells us that death is te ultimate gift we have to give God in return for His gift to us of life."
"I thought I might need to turn to my religion now - with all that's going to happen."
"Turn to your religion? You don't turn to religion as if it were a drive-through McDonald's."

Rabbi Lowenstein parting words in his service at the synogogue

"There are no absolute answers to anything - just absolute questions."

Annie talking to Josh about the arson investigation

"You can waste a lot of your time in life by needing to win."

Annie, Abe and Charles Waldermas talking

"See, in spite of the tireness, the worry, the endless medical procedures, when I look as the four of you and feel my lovefor you and your love for me, it's damned hard for me to imagine I'm anything but blessed."
"but believe me, if you feel loved, death isn't something tobe afraid of."

Rabbi Lowenstein and Annie's discussion about the arson

"We may believe we understand evil, but encountering it head-on is a very different matter."

The book is totally worth it being it the first fiction novel or a seasoned journalist. Don't think twice especially if you like these types of book. I also recomend this book to people who are undergoing grief and don't know how to move on after alove one passed away, or for a person who is lost with their faith, and for a person who is experiencing family troubles. After reading it, I was envy of the families relationship with each other. I envy the lvoe that surrounds them. 

I too am a Manufactured Woman. :)

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