Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Book = Meh

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So Plinky asked me to share a book that left me disappointed after reading it, so I bring you with Tik Tok by Dean Koontz. Amazon can't even provide me with a book cover because the book is a flop! Lol.

The summary: A young author recieves a small rag doll on his doorstep one night. When he brings it inside his house, it begins to grow until it becomes a formidible monster. The young man escapes his house, and the monster (or so he thinks) until he encounters it on the road. Along comes a woman who can actually help him. They overcome the monster and fall in love.

Like most reader, I was intrigued by the book cover which was a voodoll. So I bought a copy of the book an following my friends advice to read one of Koontz ovel because he is a good writer who provides good books. Following this advice I read through Tik Tok. The first part of the book was OK but as I progress, it got lamer and lamer. I just skimmed through the pages, wanting to end reading the book.

Because of this, I never wanted to read another Koontz novel again! :)
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