Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Whatcha Reading Wednesday (August 25)

This is another meme hosted by Froggy n Froggirita's Bookcase

What book are you reading currently?
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** Currently reading Guilty Pleasure. First book of the Anita Blake Series.


What is it about?
** It is about a vampire executioner who investigates vampire killings and murder under the police but was later asked to do a job for the vampire community. Anita solves the case and later kills Nikolaos helping Jean Claude be the Master Vampire and Anita his Human Servant.

Are you enjoying it?
** Yes

Would you recommend it to your friends?
** I only recomment it if you enjoy long series + paranormal + a little bit of romance and a lot of kickass!

Is it an Arc and if so when is it due for release?
** No
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