Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Loot (Sept 13)

It's yet another Monday morning and I'm two days ahead of schedule. As I told you guys, I have decided to reward myself every 15th of the month with books. The budget that i have set aside for myself is $50-$60 or an average of 4-5 books depending if it's hard bound or paperback.

For this month, I decided to buy 5 books. Unfortunately, only 2 books in the list of 5 were bought by my partner when she went to the mall because there were no stocks according to the store. So I've got these two:

The First book is Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. It has mixed reviews but I decided to give it a try. It was made into a movie if I remember it correctly. It is a story of a 14 year old girl who was murdered but is narrating her story to unravel the mystery behind her death. Here's the review from Publishers Weekly.
Sebold's first novel after her memoir, Lucky is a small but far from minor miracle. Sebold has taken a grim, media-exploited subject and fashioned from it a story that is both tragic and full of light and grace. The novel begins swiftly. In the second sentence, Sebold's narrator, Susie Salmon, announces, "I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973." Susie is taking a shortcut through a cornfield when a neighbor lures her to his hideaway. The description of the crime is chilling, but never vulgar, and Sebold maintains this delicate balance between homely and horrid as she depicts the progress of grief for Susie's family and friends. She captures the odd alliances forged and the relationships ruined: the shattered father who buries his sadness trying to gather evidence, the mother who escapes "her ruined heart, in merciful adultery." At the same time, Sebold brings to life an entire suburban community, from the mortician's son to the handsome biker dropout who quietly helps investigate Susie's murder. Much as this novel is about "the lovely bones" growing around Susie's absence, it is also full of suspense and written in lithe, resilient prose that by itself delights. Sebold's most dazzling stroke, among many bold ones, is to narrate the story from Susie's heaven (a place where wishing is having), providing the warmth of a first-person narration and the freedom of an omniscient one. It might be this that gives Sebold's novel its special flavor, for in Susie's every observation and memory of the smell of skunk or the touch of spider webs is the reminder that life is sweet and funny and surprising.

The second book is the second installment from the Percy Jackson series titled The Sea of Monsters. It got great reviews but I haven't read the first book yet. I want to complete all the books in the series so I won't have to wait for the next book to be available.

I am still thinking of buying 3 more books and if you do have any suggestions, let me know! :)

And btw, since I am gaining a lot of followers these past few months I am seriously thinking of having a giveaway. This is my way of saying thank you and I appreciate every love and shout out you give me. I am still new at this but if you have any advice, please do tell me. :) Bear in mind that I am not from the US so a book giveaway is not an option but I am thinking between an Amazon Gift card or Book Depository. Still studying the mechanics.


  1. Amazon gift cards are always a great idea, as they are very popular. Just make sure to promote your giveaways, and I'm sure you'll do great.

    Thank you for participating in last week’s Follow Us Monday Morning! I hope you will stop by and participate in this week’s Follow Us Monday Morning @ Frugality Is Free, the new linky will open up at 10 p.m. EST.

  2. FrugalMom. I am looking into my options since it's very limited being an international blogger. Will do as advice and thank you for stopping by.

  3. hi, been reading your blog lately and i'm thrilled to know that you love books too. i've read those two books above and they're really great! yes Lovely Bones was made into a film. Sea of Monsters is great too, but i suggest you read the first book because it was quite different from the movie. :)


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