Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Book Suggestion, PLEASE

First off, I am not making any suggestions since I am in a dilemma myself. :) Like I promised myself, every 15th of the month I'll be buying books as a form of reward from from and blogging. It's also a way of expanding my bookshelf and discover new genres.

Okay for a little FYI, I a big supernatural fan. When I say supernatural, it's vampire, werewolf/shape shifter, and those kinds of creature. I am a big Anne Rice fanatic. Collected most of her books but I haven't read everything. I enjoy my Anita Blake collection - I know I've got two new books to buy. Hmmmm. Then my love of mystery/thriller/suspense focuses on authors Cornwell and Lescroart, some King and Patterson (Yeah as I keep on telling everyone, I'm an hesitant book buyer. I'm a little biased when it comes to books thus the author limitation).

I don't really like YA novels but I am trying. I don't even know what books go in this category. But I am open for suggestions if anybody knows 'must-haves' of this category.

Romance department is a genre that I am not too excited about. This genres need a little convincing but I am up for any challenge or suggestion. I don't want to limit myself anymore. :) I have come to terms with my inner self and have won. So I am in desperate need of help right now.

So my question is, WHAT BOOK/s SHOULD I BUY? It can fall down to any genres. And please take note that when a book belongs to a series I often buy the whole series so I don't get hanged. These are the books that I am sure of buying so far:

1. Percy Jackson - The Sea Of Monsters
2. Tipping Velvet
3. I need a suggestion about a book that is like self help/self improvement and the like. This is going to be a gift to my partner. The last book I gave her was The 48 Laws of Power.
4. Open for suggestion
5. Open for suggestion

See my dilemma? There's so many books, so hard to choose. :) The list may get longer depends on your suggestions and my budget of course! :p


  1. If you like mystery/thrillers with a little bit of supernatural twist I highly recommend the Agent Pendergast books by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Not really vampires/werewolves stuff, but still creepy and suspenseful. The first one in the series is The Relic (which is a really good book that got made into a not so good movie because they chopped the main character out of the screenplay) but the series is really good even if you don't read them in order so lots of people start with Cabinet of Curiosities, Still Life With Crows, or Brimstone.

    Also, for a slightly different twist on vampire books, I really liked The Strain by Guillermo del Toro. It's the first in a trilogy - I think book two was just released. In my review I called it Bram Stoker meets Resident Evil.

    And one more standalone that was really good is Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. In short, it's about a guy that buys a ghost on the internet but it's a pretty scary and suspenseful book. I didn't find out until after I read it that Hill is actually Stephen King's son, so if you like King's style there are a lot of similarities.

    Hope the suggestions help!

  2. The 48 Laws of Power was great!!

    Here from Follow Me Back Tuesday (sorry I'm late!)

    hope you have a fab week!

  3. J. Indeed it was such a nice book. My partner enjoyed it though I never had the chance of reading it yet.

  4. Lisa. Is the collaboration books by Preston and Child a series? it consist of 15 books? Really nice suggestions. I'll bee looking into these later. :)

  5. Did my post show up? No? Grrr... -_-# Okay, if you like supernatural books, pick up Jennifer Lynn Barnes' Raised by Wolves. It's awesome. I loved it, and the book bloggers are falling all over it.

  6. Luplun. Thanks for the suggestion. Will definitely ccheck it out with the others. :)

  7. The 10th book in the Pendergast series by Preston & Child jsut came out this year, but there are a few others that they wrote together that have a few characters in common with the main series but are more or less standalone novels. (Here's a link to the series order if you're curious: Agent Pendergast Series)


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