Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eraserhead Box Set

Wohhooooo! So after a 5 day wait for my e-heads box set(Well technically it's not mine, I gave it as a present to my partner) it arrived earlier this day via food delivery. Okay for my foreign friends who has no idea what I am talking about, e-heads was a famous local band during the 90's. The band was composed of four persons: Ely Buendia(Vocals), Raimund Marasigan(Drums), Buddy Zabala(Bassist) and Marcus Adoro(Lead guitar). They are our version of the Beatles in terms of popularity but was in a totally different music genre.

They disbanded early 2002 after there was a conflict between Buendia and their roadie. But around 2008-2009, they had a reunion concert that became such a hit that they did another one. Unfortunately my partner and I wasn't able to go to the concert but it was reported to be such a hit that the fans were asking for another one.

A lot of local bands in the Philippines look up to the Eraserheads as their inspiration and model in becoming who they are. E-heads(as they are mostly referred to) set the standards to pinoy music. They were the group that set the trend that everybody follows up until now. Each person made their own band after they parted ways but their connection to each other didn't really stopped. And E-heads fans kept on wishing and hoping that the group would be together in the future.

Okay, so on the box set. E-heads has made 11 albums so far. They were given a tribute album titled Ultraelectromagneticjam!: The Music Of The Eraserheads. Last Sept 6, I've read in a fellow bloggers blog that they are going to release an exclusive boxset that can be bought in a local pizza house. I immediately did my research to learn on how to acquire the collectors item that I know my partner would love to have but I was not successful since the media was hush hush with the information about the boxset. And mind you, it can't be bought in local music stores so it's a must buy item.

Yesterday I received an IM from my partner about the box set. It was being offered in the pizza house but there are two things you can do to get the boxset.

One was to buy 3 boxes of pizza, 3 liter of softdrink and another meal for around Php3,000+ or
you can try the cheaper alternative of food delivery which will only cost around Php2,500. We opted for the delivery of course but not because it was cheaper (Well okay, 80% was because of that). You can get the box set quicker that way. Okay so to cut this story short, here's is the box set which includes all 10 albums+a shirt+a book in a tin box.

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