Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Five (Sept 1)

For this weeks Friday Five hosted by Beth over at Just Me And My Life the questions are 5 Things That are always in the Fridge(pictures of your fridge would make this way more fun)?

Juice - whether it's concentrate or powder, I've got to have juice in the frig. I don't drink much, I don't know why, but there should never be a shortage with juices. Apple juice, Orange juice, Grape juice, Iced tea, a combination of fruits, etc., any juice bottled or in tetra packs I don't mind.

Butter - this is the second most important 'food' in the frig that should always be there. My partner always uses this when she's cooking or when she eats rice. I just use this when I eat toast or butter my bread. I don't like the taste of butter in my rice.

Jelly/fruit Jams/filling - I don't enjoy plain bread unless it's wheat bread. If it's white I've got to have my jellies. :) Yeah I'm like a kid ain't I. I also love to combine fruit jams when I stack my bread. I love layered bread, I can even eat up to 5 layers with 4 different fillings. My favorite of them all is Spanish sardines with butter and liver spread. Yum!

Tocino and Longganisa - I don't know if you are familiar with these but here in the Philippines these are our alternative for bacon and ham. Tocino is basically sweetened pork that we fry, it may look pink to slightly reddish. While longganisa on the other hand varies depending on where you bought it. I love the sweet variety while my partner loves the over stuffed longganisa with garlic.

Cereal - well yeah I put my cereal in the frig so this counts! :) anyway, when I'm out of bread and cookies, I rely on my cereals as a snack. I love to eat corn flakes, the honey dipped with almonds, even without milk. Same goes with Coco Crunch, Honey Gold, and Rice Krispies.

If cereals doesn't count, I'll go with Pork/Beef/Chicken/Fish. Either of the four, I don't mind but I'd mostly prefer fish and chicken over pork and beef. Then I'll let my partner cook.

So that's basically what's in your frig. What's in yours?

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