Sunday, September 5, 2010

Getting To Know Sunday (Sept 5)

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Okay so I've been lazy these weekend because I'm still depressed with my suicidal laptop. I'll tell you the story later but first, another round of Getting To Know You Sunday hosted by Mannland5. It's simple, just head over her blog and copy the questions and answer them accordingly. :) this is your chance to meet fellow bloggers and get to know them a little more. So this weeks questions are:

1. Do you like seafood?

I suppeeeeeer love seafood. I am a seafood junkie if there is one. I can eat seafood an eliminate the other food groups altogether. 

2. Are mermaids hot?


3. Have you swam in the ocean?

No. I don't swim. I don't even swim with a life vest one. I have this phobia of being pulled down, I panic. I don't know when it started but since I realized that I do have this phobia I don't enjoy open water anymore.

4. If you got stung by a jellyfish, would you let a stranger pee on you?


5. Have you ever pee'd in the ocean?

Yes. Lol.

6. Can you make a cute fish face? (Show a pic..if you want)

I often do this, even impersonate Ellen's Dory in Finding Nemo. Lol.

7. When you see the lobster tank at the grocery store do you just have this overwhelming urge to set them free or cook them up?

Cook them. They are just so yummy!

8. Are you afraid of sharks?

Actually no. Being bitten by one, that's what I am afraid of.

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