Sunday, September 12, 2010

Healthy Munching

Lately I've been addicted to my alternative snack food to eliminate the junk food that I usually eat. What I often ate before were potato chips and a lot of soft drinks but I've discovered something healthier. I am not a healthy buff nor maintain a diet(although I should have).
Most of you will recognize this off the bat. These are just Almond Clusters plus I added raisins and peanuts. I just realize after eating this for a while is that I don't get hungry with a small bowl. I eat this without milk. But I do know that these are great partnered with yogurt.
I also buy the cereal bar from Quaker Oats and Nature Valley. They are very delicious!
Other healthy alternative to junk foods are:

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables - most of the fruits that you can buy can be easily packed in a bag or container. They are very high in proteins and vitamins. When it comes to vegetables, these are quite delicious when partnered with a yummy dip.

Nuts - you can eat a variety of nuts in a small cup that you can eat throughout the day. I love almonds and cashew nuts, and I often pack them in a small container. That is my limit for a day. :) I often eat these when I ran out of cereal mix like the first picture on the post.

Popcorn - Oh yeas, these can be a healthy alternative to your junk food. It has little calories and contains fiber. There only fattening thing about popcorn is when you add butter which I do but not that often and you should remember to hold on the amount of salt.

Sunflower/squash seed - although these are sometimes irritating to eat because of the shell, it's totally worth it. Can be an alternative when you ran out of nuts or you can eat this complimentary to each other.

Raisin - these I super love. Whenever i study for an exam, I should have these in my desk. This gets my brain working together with nuts. I also eat prunes when I ran out of raisins.

and lastly my favorite of all time . . .

Fruit shakes - these I go crazy over. I tend to shake every fruit that I lay my hands on. Seriously! :) I love combinations of fruits too! Banana + Watermelon. Mango + Papaya. Strawberry +Kiwi. Strawberry+Melon+Banana. Name it, I did it! (Wait, maybe you know a different combination)
It's nice to eat healthy sometimes. Layoff the chips and pick up something healthier. It guaranteed to not make you hungry for a couple of hours. This are also great accompaniment to your diet.


  1. i have a fruit/vegetable smoothie ALMOST everyday and it curbs my sweet tooth and appetite and i love it!!

  2. Hey SB. yeah that is what's fun about smoothie, they are easy to make and delicious too!


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