Thursday, September 9, 2010

I can't see - PROPERLY!

See the green hair clip in right side of the glasses? Wondering what is it doing there? Well actually it's a temporary fix to the glasses. The metal that contains the lens actually broke off the actual frame thus the clip joining the two.

Another view where you can see that the clip actually joins them together. Binding them so I don't get an uneven vision when I'm wearing the glasses.

Aerial view of the clip. And yes, the clip has actually glitters. It the hair clip that I used when I had short hair, now my hair is so long and thick that the clip can't hold my bangs any more.

The story behind this? Well it's simple. Jeuel (my partner) broke it again. For the Nth time this year. In January or Feb, we actually replaced my old glasses because I was having a lot of migraines. I thought that the glasses needed update since I'm mostly in front of the laptop. So we went to the shop and ordered a new frame with updated grade. So I've got this.

After just a month, Jeuel 'accidentally' stepped on it. An viola! That's my 3rd glasses for this year alone. And glasses ain't cheap. So basically I've been using that until now. And I think I need to update my glasses again. This time, I'll buy tougher frames. :D

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