Monday, September 20, 2010

Ignorant people shouldn't SPEAK

first off, I have read this article through Book Faery and after reading that I read this stupid article by Scroggins. I was so angry, frustrated and just well I don't know what I am really feeling right now. I just read article from a t s**pid person, forgive my word friends but it is, and I just feel frustrated with people who agrees with him. For God sake! I mean read the article and you'll know what I mean.

First off, I was scheduled to buy this book on Oct so I haven't read the book yet but have heard great reviews over the net and the blogosphere. I am a Christian and I am homosexual but that doesn't mean I am a lesser person. To practice safe sex is practical in my opinion, I get it that it shouldn't be practiced at an early age but common on! Do you seriously believe that your child is not thinking about it? Isn't it more mature to teach your children the proper precaution that they should do when doing the act?

Sex education curriculum in the fourth grade includes topics on reproduction. Is this what parents and taxpayers in this community want their children exposed to in school?
Does Scroggins even know what they teach children in Sex Education for him to voice out such ignorant thoughts? What did he learn in his Sex Education class when he was studying? I mean he should be thankful that the schools and government are giving information to students about the important of protection and safe sex.

As I can see so far, the book gives us a vivid picture of what happens in real life. Life isn''t all about beauty and butterflies, it's messy. It's hard. It's unbearable! but we still need to live it in order to learn and grow. That's what life is about. You don't picture a perfect scenario to your kid because you think that s/he is too young to understand. The sooner you explain these to your kids, the sooner they understand. They can protect themselves from doing mistakes. They can think on their won.

I am just so appalled on his ignorance. Statements he made just makes him homosexual and ill educated doctor as he calls himself. You should be ashamed of yourself. Don't make the decision for everybody on what to read and not to read. It is your opinion that these books are bad for society while it is my opinion that you are an ignorant prick that doesn't deserve to be heard or even supported by people.

Shame on you Scroggins. Shame on you!



  1. I read it...and I'm disgusted-.- Oral sex, homosexuality?? COME ON...that's life. I just can't understand why some people want to tell their children all kinds of bullshit and not the truth.
    I call those people fanatics who have been twisted by their religion.

    'How can Christian men and women expose children to such immorality?' I think it's important for children to know of such 'immoralities' as drugs, alcohol etc. etc....and YES...SEX (although I'm not someone who would consider sex as something immoral...but if they do-.-)
    That some christians let their children read those books just means that they haven't stopped thinking on their own yet...and that's a good thing.

    If kids really stick to their religion after reading those books and say: 'I would never do something like this and just want to have sex after I've married' then they really know that being religious is the right thing for them...and if not, then they should have the right to follow their own convictions...even if that means that their parents and teachers have to accept that someone's homosexual or bisexual or what not.

    nuff said.

  2. Blackeyeddog. Exactly right? I mean, it's so ignorant for this so called doctors to preach such ridiculous words.

    We have different opinions and we should respect that BUT for him to say that we SHOULD stop reading these so called banned books is just insane.

    If people will notice, the books that they choose to ban have sexual and homosexual context which children should know because as you said, it is life. I was just so confused reading the list. Irritating.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I am so irritated and frustrated with Scroggins. I also blogged & shared your link with your opinions too! I hope you don't mind... I love what you have to say

  4. I don't mind at all. :) Thank you for doing so. We should spread the word to eliminate such nonsense statements right???

  5. This attitude always frustrates me. Even if they didn't want their kids to be sexually active while in school, wouldn't they want them to know what is involved when they deem it an "ok" time to be sexual? How you can justify total ignorance about biological functions? Stopping now before I go off on a rant...

  6. I read Scroggins's letter yesterday, and I just finished Speak, so I'll probably put in my 2 cents about this controversy tomorrow. I've definitely been open with my kids, from an early age, about sex, homosexuality, and contraception, as well as marriage. I figured we'd go ahead and defuse these issues from the get go, so nobody would be afraid to talk about them. The more drama and secrecy you create, the harder it is to communicate with kids.


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