Friday, September 17, 2010

Kindle - iTouch/iPad

Okay this is a question that I am very intrigued about since the time I've heard of the Kindle.

As I have noticed from you guys, majority of you use the Kindle over the iDevice ( iTouch/iPad) and it got me thinking as to why? I mean, why do you choose the Kindle over the iDevices? I know about the size but what else?

I just want to understand. I'm not an Apple fanatic, it's just that I want to know your reasons. I myself would want a Kindle but still thinking about it. :) so to satisfy my curiosity, enlighten me with knowledge friends.


  1. The Kindle doesn't get hot when you read for long periods of time and the battery life is a big difference. I think the ipad last about 6 hours and the Kindle will last for a week on a full charge if you keep the wireless off which you don't usually have on unless your buying a book anyways. Also the Kindle has the e-ink screen that won't strain your eyes.

  2. My Kindle was a gift, so the choice wasn't solely my own, but I do prefer the Kindle due to the e-ink technology. The screen is not backlit and really does look like regular printed paper. This allows you to use it in direct sunlight and also, for many people, does not cause the same eyestrain as a computer/iPad screen.


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