Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Top 10 Best Places To Go Before I Die (Part 1)

I have always dreamed to travel around the world. I fancy myself being so rich that I don't have anything to spend my money on but to travel. I know everybody dreamed about this. :D It's the millionaire dream right? To have all the cash that you can have and go to places and travel the world reaching destinations that will certainly complete you life on Earth.

It's hard to compile a list with all the great places that you can discover. Every list is designed to fit the persons taste and tolerance, budget and company. Mine is simple, I love nature. Beaches, mountains, valleys, and scenery like that. I get mystified with untouched land preserving it's natural beauty compared to industrialized places that feature towering building or architectural landscapes but I do have some exemptions.

As I compile this list, I am awed with so many options. It is indeed hard to pick the best of them but I'll try. Don't forget to comment if you think I left something out or should replace a specific place for something better. :)

10. Puerto Princessa, Palawan/Sagada, Mountain Province (Philippines)

Philippines has a lot of beautiful beaches that you can go to and do water activities like diving, surfing, coral viewing and the likes. But why did I pick Puerto Princess instead of Boracay and all the rest? It's simple. Palawan's beaches has that mystified feel to it. I can't put my finger to it, but it not as developed and advertised as Boracay is. It is not flocked by tons of people every summer like some other beaches.

Sagada is not a beach at all but it is tied with Palawan but with a different reason. First off, Sagada is not a short bus trip away. the first half of the trip is travelling from Manila to Baguio which is a 6-8 hours ride. Baguio is a treat itself so the long ride is worth it. Then the second part of the ride is taking another bus from Baguio to Sagada which is roughly 5-6 hours of travel time. I must admit that roughly 14-16 hours of travel time is no joke but when you reach Sagada, it's just wow!

Kiltepan and the Rock Valley
What a view right? It's as if you can touch the sky! People say that the sunrise is just a must see when you visit Sagada. Picture perfect and quite romantic if you want to propose to someone. :)

If you like the freaky, one must go to the burial site of the native in Sagada, why? See for yourself, or rather gaze at the picture below.

Lumiang Cave

The native has this tradition of burying their relatives in caves or hanging their coffins in cliff like in the picture above. You can see the dedication and hard work that the natives put into their died people. 

And lastly is the Bomod-ok Falls and the Sagada Rice Terraces

Bomod-ok Falls
Sagada Rice Terraces
I would just like to say that taking pictures should be a precaution in Sagada. Local people in the area highly believe in superstitions. Sagada is one of the places that is untouched by technology so a lot of people are hesitant with technological gadgets. It is always polite to asks permissions first before taking a snap.

9. Kashmir Valley (India)

Don't you just want to camp here and enjoy the outdoors? It's fun to actually leave the modern technology and grab your outdoor gears with friend or family and just camp here. I fancy that kind of stuff since I haven't tried camping, ever!

8. Santorini (Greece)

I saw this place first while watching a movie. I was in loved immediately having seen the crystal blue waters, clusters of houses and the donkey ride from the port to the inside of the place. It was talked about that the Santorini Islands was the actual place where the legendary Atlantis once lived. 

7. Venice (Italy)

Italy is just plain romantic. Just mentioning the name should be enough explanation. :) I fell in love and fantasized about Venice while watching De Lovely. To those who doesn't know, De Lovely is one of my favorite movies of all time. It is a movie about the life of Cole Porter, his career, marriage and death. If you haven't watched the movie, you should. 

I always wanted to ride a gondola. View the canal while cuddling with my partner in the gondola. See the houses beautifully structured besides the canal. It's just so romantic.

6. Iguazo Falls (Argentina & Brazil)

First off, you gotta admit the pictures are great right??? Sick, kuddos to Martin St-Amant for these great shots! Okay, Iguazo Falls is located in the border of both Brazil and Argentina. The Iguazo Falls has 275 falls, yeah you read it right! 275 different falls that connects to the Iguazo River.

Based on research the best of these 275 falls is called Devil's Throat. Just reading that name kind of creeps me out. And I think it is scary to go to a 82 feet, 150 meters wide and 700 meters long. Imagining it, that should be quite a view.

Okay, that's it for now. Stay tune this week or next week for the other half of my must go places. :) I wish I could make it to 20 but that'll be a lot of research and a lot of dough to invest, if you know what I mean. *wink* so let's stick to 10. :)

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