Saturday, September 25, 2010

Review: Enough About Love by Herve Le Tellier

Enough About LoveBook: Enough About Love
Author: Herve Le Tellier
Pages: 224 
Publisher: Other Press
ISBN: 1590513991
Source: Netgalley

Any man—or woman—who wants to hear nothing—or no more—about love should put this book down.
Anna and Louise could be sisters, but they don’t know each other. They are both married with children, and for the most part, they are happy. On almost the same day, Anna, a psychiatrist, crosses paths with Yves, a writer, while Louise, a lawyer, meets Anna’s analyst, Thomas. Love at first sight is still possible for those into their forties and long-married. But when you have already mapped out a life path, a passionate affair can come at a high price. For our four characters, their lives are unexpectedly turned upside down by the deliciously inconvenient arrival of love. For Anna, meeting Yves has brought a flurry of excitement to her life and made her question her values, her reliable husband, and her responsibilities to her children. For Louise, a successful career woman in a stable and comfortable marriage, her routine is uprooted by the youthful passion she feels for Thomas. Thought-provoking, sophisticated, and, above all, amusing, Enough About Love captures the euphoria of desire through tender and unflinching portraits of husbands, wives, and lovers.


The title caught my attention as soon as I've seen the book. I am not always fond of books that talk about love yet I felt a compulsion to read this novel. 

With the first two chapters, you can see that the novel is told in an unconventional way. When you read the book you'll feel like looking through a kaleidoscope because of how parallel and similar the stories of four people are which each other. Similar yet different, it binds the novel and makes it whole, intertwine by life and love.

There are certainly a few favored lines and pages one of which is, "How small the world is, no one ever just falls out of the sky." pertaining about how people however far and different seems to know each other. This is a true fact. The world is small enough if you look into it closely.

Because of the characters and how the story is being told, you'll definitely want to finish the book in one sitting. You'll get hooked without noticing it because you are eager to learn how the story develops and what their connections are with each other. 

I was touched in a particular part of the book where Yves and Anna was talking. Love is not about loosing earthly possession or control over someone, it is not measured by your achievements. Love is about accepting the person as a whole and how you tolerate that but accepts everything in spite the reality of gaining or loosing something and someone.

After finishing the book, two lines remains in my head. Wanting someone isn't same as loving them and there are liars who know they're lying and  sincere liars who don't. Everybody lies. 

Pick up the book. Read it. Enjoy it. Definitely worth the time you invest in digesting every detail and how brilliantly Herve Le Tellier wrote his book.


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