Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review: Wildthorn by Jane Eagland

WildthornTitle: Wildthorn
Author: Jane Eagland
Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
ISBN: 0547370172
Source: Netgaller
Seventeen-year-old Louisa Cosgrove longs to break free from her respectable life as a Victorian doctor's daughter. But her dreams become a nightmare when Louisa is sent to Wildthorn Hall: labeled a lunatic, deprived of her liberty and even her real name. As she unravels the betrayals that led to her incarceration, she realizes there are many kinds of prison. She must be honest with herself - and others - in order to be set free. And love may be the key...


Wildthorn has been a compelling read from start to finish. I haven't read any reviews before I picked up this book though I noticed that it gathered mixed rating from fellow book reviewers. Enough to pique my curiosity.

I was always fascinated by the Victorian era. Plus having a lovely cover of a girl wearing a corset made me  more intrigued with the book. The story goes as Lucy (Louisa or Lou) of having trouble with how society thinks of her; the troubles she encounters in people, with her unconventional way, and the fact that she was locked up at an asylum in spite the fact of not being insane.

The book is indeed dark and creepy, contains a lot of twist and turns (I even suspected every person in the story) and would definitely keep you clueless until you read the final chapters. i had expected a better ending though, I feel that the ending was a little flat and the characters of each story wasn't build enough to hold the book together. I was certainly drawn to the book because of the character's will to be herself and her defiance from the norm of society.

Wildthorn is a book suited for Victorian era lovers, a lover of lesbian fiction (that's a bit of a spoiler), and someone who wants to read about a strong female character.


  1. Looks good...thanks.

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  2. Ah, I reviewed Wildthorn not too long ago. I enoyed it quite a bit, although I too was disappointed a bit with the ending. Still, it was definitely a compelling read, and Louisa was a very strong character, I liked her quite a bit, and really felt her struggle. Nice review :)

    (I'm also stopping by from the BRP, btw)


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