Friday, September 24, 2010

What I don't get with Glee

I know a lot of you guys enjoy watching Glee, same as me BUT I have a noticed something that makes me irritated every time I watch it.

It's a musical series. I love the music, I love the dance moves, I love the story and I so love the characters. What I don't like is the WAY THEY SING SONGS throughout the episode. Yeah you read that right. I mean it's weird. We all know that they pre-record the songs for each episode, but their lip syncing through the song with exaggerated enthusiasm makes it so fake.

It's different when you sing a song and don't want it to look unnatural, but every time I watch Glee there's always that one character who sings with TOO MUCH ENERGY. Too much that you know when they sing that way live, it wouldn't sound the same.

One example was the bathroom scene with Rachel and Charise singing Telephone. If you watched it, you'll understand what I mean. If you haven't, watch the video below.

On my opinion what they should be doing it making it look natural. Too much emotion, too much facial expression, too much fake vocal power makes the whole scene phony. Sucks! It's like watching a singer lip syncing in a concert.

UPDATE: I was kinda insulted with how Rachel talked to Sharon (Filipino Singer). I just felt as if they portrayed us who's incompetent in the English language. Frustrating. Insulting. Whatever!

And the dude who sang Billionaire is freakin' amazing. Two thumbs up!


  1. lol, hahahahahaha! Oh my gosh you read my mind. That's what drives me crazy about Lea Michele in particular. Way too much over-the-top emotion :P

  2. I was told this is the idea, a real satirical way of doing things, everything is exagerrated and edgy. I don't think it's meant to be realistic at all. But I know what you mean.

  3. BookQuoter. Yeah I get the idea but it's irritating. With their faces squinted up and out of sync.

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