Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whatcha Reading Wednesday? (Sept 29)

1.  Now that all the T.V. shows have started up again, what are your favorite shows?

Ohhh! Lovely. I am addicted to these television series as I am addicted to reading long series. :) My ultimate favorite is House, no doubt about that. Next would be Supernatural with the hunky Dean Winchester. It is okay to drool ladies. :))

Next is the lovely drama and quirks of Grey's Anatomy. Contrary to most people's belief, my name isn't from the tv show. :) Next on the long list is Ghost Whisperer. Then there's Bones. Since the moment I knew that the series was adapted from a book series, I listed it down my to buy list of books.

Shows to note also include AMTM, Ellen, Project Runway, etc.

Wait, most of my choice are television series. That's valid right??

2.  What are you guilty of doing while you are driving or in the car?  

I listen to loud music. I know that this is ordinary but people should understand that it's sometimes harmful to listen to music with earphones. Think about it. :)

3.  Would you rather have the superpower to be invisible or read minds?

Read Minds. Heck! I've been invisible throughout high school and college Lol. Already experience the "power" hahahha! So I'd read minds instead.


  1. i love Supernatural too. I have all the seasons on DVD and always watch them

  2. Super likey right?? :) so yummy. Can't get enough of him.


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