Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Whatcha Say Wednesday (Sept 1)

Participating in a new event called Whatcha Say Wednesday. This is the first time that Stash Mama introduced this hop and I wanted to be part of the first cycle. :) I always love these events since I got to meet new people.

The event goes as Stash Mama posting  random questions for the week and answer them accordingly. Link your answers and visit other blogger to get to know them a little. So this weeks questions are:

1.  What is your favorite Halloween Costume, or What are you going to let your kid(s) be for Halloween this year?
** We don't really celebrate Halloween, bummer! Unless you attend parties and live in private subdivision. Halloween is jsut an ordinary day here but if we do have halloween I would like to go as a fairy. :) Alwasy loved fairies.

2.  What extracurricular activities were you apart of in High School/College?
** I was not a sporty kid. I never did like contest or clubs or activities but when I entered college I thought it was fun to join my courses org. I took up psychology. I enjoyed the weekend event that the club held, feeding programs, visits to hospital and all that. I sure do miss it.

3.  How did you come across blogging?
** I was never a talker, I always wanted to write everything. Even kept a journal but I always forgt about it so I decided to do blogging instead since I'm always in front of the computer. My initial purpose was to share my story, my experiences and life lesson but I guess since I like book 70% of my content are book related but I make it to a point that not everything is about books. :)
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  1. Thanks for joining in this week for Wobble Over Wednesday :)

    I am following you.

    -Amanda T

  2. Envii thanks! :) should head over Stash Mama to participate.

  3. Heyyy Thanks for joining! I love your answers. I think it's interesting to read what other people say and kind of get a feel of a person behind the blogger. I really love your blog and I'm glad you joined in!

  4. I always enjoy these events. New way of interacting with other people. Thanks for hosting it!


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