Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Whatcha Say Wednesday (Sept 7)

It's my third week participating in StashMama's Whatcha say Wednesday and I love the questions every week. so for this week, here are the questions:

1.  What is one of you all time favorite movies?
Of all time? Whew this is hard. Wait let me think about it. . . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . . Still thinking. . . . 
. . .. . .
. . . . .. Ohhh I've got it!

Okay so I've got two since I can't really pick which one is best than the other. So my two favorite movies of all time are A league of Their Own and The Notebook. 
Wait, yeah I know I told you guys I'm not a mushy person but The Notebook is my only exception to this. I don't know why. A League of Their Own is self explanatory. :) I think I love The Notebook because it was so real for me. That is my ideal love story if it's possible. 

2.  Where is your favorite place to go grocery shopping, or where do you go to get the best deals?

I love grocery shopping. No doubt about that! but my partner doesn't seem excited when I push the cart and take over the list. I mean, I love to grab what I see. I don't really really on a grocery list per see but I do use it to know what general things I should buy. I sometimes buy the discounted/best deals but I'm more into brand that I trust. I don't buy bulk because it's discounted or cheaper. IT'll just go to waste especially when your just feeding two mouths like in our case.

3.  Name a song or two that you know all the lyrics to! 

Ha! This is my dilemma. I don't know a song by heart or have I ever memorized a song. I don't even memorize our national Anthem. (ohhh that humiliating) I know, laugh your brains out!! :) But to answer this honestly, I don't know a single song that I know the lyrics about.. 


  1. Heyy Thanks for you linking up!!! I love reading the answers! If you have a question you want to see posted tell me! I think you will probably laught at this, I mean I'm a little young, but I really have never heard of A League Of Their Own. but it sounds like i really need to go rent it! Me and my husband dont shop well together, he takes forever to decide between brands, Like forever! And yes!, I am totally laughing at the last answer! do you listen to the radio ever? lol Anyways I hope you link up again next week! @
    Stash Mama

  2. StashMama thanks for stopping by. And when I think of a question, I will definitely tell you. A league of their own is an old movie about the girls baseball team back in the days. We have the same problems. My partner takes ages to pick anything when we shop. The fastest I am, the slower she is. Sometimes it's irritating as hell. :)


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