Monday, September 13, 2010

What's Your Favorite Series?

In my anticipation of series this September, I'll be sharing my top 5 series that I am looking forward to!

5. Glee - I have been following this season since the pilot first aired May 19 of last year. I have enjoyed watching musicals and this show appealed to me right off the bat! It was just a fun show to watch.

This season I am looking forward to watching Sue and Will battle it out again in the dominance of whose the 'bigger boss' in the campus but I also read in some articles that they will somewhat form an alliance against the new football coach named Coach Beastie(don't know if I got that name right.) There are a lot of changes in the new season. I don't want to put spoilers since nobody want that right? Just two things I can't resist! One is that Quinn will be back on top of Cheerios but i am not sure if she kept the baby of not. And two, well Coach Beastie. :)

Glee season premier will air this 21st. Sept 21st!

4. Supernatural - I love the gore and horror! Who doesn't, right? And yes I know what you are thinking. Ahuh - it's Dean Winchester. Ohhh! Sexy.

Anyway, the latest season will be airing of the 24th of this month opening with the information that Dean quited the 'family business'. As you can remember, last season Cass died right? Well this season, he's coming back. Sam finds Dean and asks him to rejoin him and Dean meets the Campbells. Who are they? Well it's Grandfather Samuel. Ohh exciting. More folklore. More gore. Rock songs. And oozing sexiness. 'nuff said.

3. CSI Las Vegas - If been following this season for a while now. I've watched every season there is and I must admit that although my initial pull to the series was the forensic bits, I fell in love with the characters and I was deeply depressed when the character of Grissom and Warrick no longer exist in the series. they were the only characters I really enjoyed.

Grissoms character was replaced by Dr. Langston portrayed by Laurence Fishburn. Although I don't like the actor that much, I eventually accepted the fact that he is good and his character is something that people can love and adapt to.

The lat season ended with them figuring out who Dr. Jekyll is which I thought was kind of lame. I mean with how the story went. It could have been a little more suspenseful and dramatic. Anyway, watch out for the gang on Sept 23. Ohh wait, a small hint. Justin Bieber. :)

2. Greys Anatomy - First off, I didn't get my name on this show. I actually changed the spelling of my name when I was in high school. The reason why I explained that is because when I meet someone, the first that comes to their mind is this show. :)

So the last season ended with a bang! I mean literally, a lot of people died. Meredith lost a child. Alex was shot. It was total chaos. Total mad house. I was biting my nail watching the episode in the net. OHhhh. I am so waiting on what will happen this season and what Rhona Rhime will do to the individual characters.

Mark your calendar Sept 23rd!

1. House - I know a lot of you guys agree on me on this one! This is the greatest show ever, right? The first time I watched House, I immediately got hooked. I waited for each season patiently which never lets me down.

I just love how Hugh Laurie plays with the character. Who doesn't want a smart mouth doctor that knows what he is actually doing? The last season ended with a bang! It actually happened. Cuddy and House actually ends up together. This season will definitely be a much awaited season for fans.

Season 7 is just 7 days in waiting. Ohh I'm too excited. I haven't read any spoilers yet since I want to be clueless when I watch the premier episode.


Other season I am waiting this September. . . .. . .

Bones - based from the book series of Kathy Reich, The Temperance Brennan Series, will be airing in the 23rd of Sept in their 6th Season. I super love the main character and I just think that Emily Deschanel gives the character enough justice.

 I haven't got the chance to read the series but I am looking into buying it either this year or next year. Let's see if this is as exciting as the book. You know how I feel about book adaptation. :))

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