Thursday, October 28, 2010

BTT - Booking Through Thursday (Oct 28)

What reading skeletons do you have in your closet? Books you’d be ashamed to let people know you love? Addiction to the worst kind of (fill in cheesy genre here)? Your old collection of Bobbsey Twin Mysteries lovingly stored behind your “grown-up” books? You get the picture … come on, confess!

My Answer:

So some of you know that I don't really indulge or enjoy much in reading romantic novels. Novels that are solely written with a romantic plot. There are only a few titles that I can think of that I really enjoyed which are romantic novels. One is The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.

Okay so with regards to the question, what books am I secretly addicted to it'll be The Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. No offense to all twilight fans because at some point I am considered one myself but I am addicted to it. I have read it 4x already and will still read it again in the future. I was just hooked, and it's irritating sometimes because I love reading it again and again. So there, The Twilight Saga.

What's yours?


  1. Haha nice answer. I'm with you on Twilight. I'm not ashamed that I read it and loved it, but it wouldn't be the first book I told people about. :)

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  2. I've never read any Nicholas Spark, although one of y buddies loves all his books - they're just not really my style at all. As for Twilight, well, I read the saga, but I wasn't impressed - they filled a few afternoons, but afterwards I felt a need to read something a bit mroe substantial, something I could really get my teeth into, as it were - LOL!

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  3. I've have not had the desire myself to read the Twilight series but many people have, of all ages, nothing to hide from :)


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