Wednesday, October 27, 2010

eReader confussion

My partner decided to let me buy an eReader although I use my iTouch to read ebooks with the ton of apps like Kindle, Stanza, Kobo, etc. When I researched for an eReader, I had specific needs that I wanted.

Initially I wanted a Kindle but researching about it I've stumbled on the Nook and the Kobo reader which reads a larger selection of ebooks, and that's a must for me. But I am still torn! :'(

So my question is: What would I choose between The Kindle, The Nook and Kobo Reader? What are their advantage and disadvantage over their competitions. I would appreciate inputs from readers who have the gadgets above.


  1. Amazon actually has the largest eBook selection by far. When these other places advertise a million or more eBooks, they are including public domain books out of copyright, often from other sites, which are free for every device. B&N, for example, includes everything that is listed on Google Books to inflate its library.

    So if you want the largest selection, Amazon is it.

    I've had both a Nook and a Kindle, and I much prefer the Kindle. It is lighter weight, has better contrast, much more intuitive controls, easier/faster/smarter functionality, a larger book selection, better customer service for the device, and a better price tag.

  2. I just got a nook and I love the touch screen. I also really like the external speakers and how easy it is to add music too. i love reading to music. I also really like the word look up feature. I think the only thing it wished it had was a light on the screen so i could read in the dark. But other then that its great. I also got a super cute skin for it. from GelaSkins. Hope this helps!

  3. Jenny and Steph. Thank you for the response. :) I appreciate the information. I am gearing to buying a Nook. Wish me luck ladies.


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