Friday, October 22, 2010

Five Question Friday + Friday Fab Five

1. Who is the better cook, you or your spouse?

Definitely my partner. I don't even know how to really cook. The only dishes, if you can call it that, are anything with fried in the first name. And guess what? I even mess that up sometimes. Lol.

2. How often do you talk to your mom?
Ohhh. Hmmmm. I don't really talk to her much. She calls every time she gets a chance but to really talk? We don't do that on the phone. But when I visit her, we spend 1-3 hour constantly talking about anything. 

3. Are you adventurous in the kitchen or stick to the recipe?
When I do try to cook, I stick to a recipe or instructions from the "boss". I don't know measurement, I don't know when it is done, I don't even know when to cook perfect pasta. :) I need adult supervision, BAD!

4. Is your second toe longer than your big toe?
Huh, funny. Does it have to be?? Is it common for the second toe to be longer than the big toe?? To answer that question, yes it is longer. :D

5. Do you dress up for Halloween? (Bonus question: What will you be this year?)
No. Unfortunately we don't celebrate Halloween in the Philippines but given the chance I'd like to be a fairy. One fat fairy. Lol.

Guess what I am coming over to your house! What would we do, eat, go , see ...tell me 5 things!! Oh yeah where do you live?

First of all, I live in the Philippines. Not much thing to do in the city so most of the things enjoyable to do here would include long travel and a lot of dough. :)

But let me see. .. . 5 things . .. . .. . what to do??? 

Balot & Chicharon
So those are five thing that we can do centered in the city or near places. I'll include picture for better effect. 
Balot - is duck eggs. :D I know what your thinking. And yes I'll make you eat balot. Balot in the Philippines is one of the comfort food that can make you either puke or love it.

Balot is the first food that we make our foreign friends taste. A lot of foreigner actually enjoy eating the delicacy because it is different. Some say it's delicious. Well I wouldn't push on it, it's not for the non-adventurous types. BUT seriously you have to try it.

Chicharon - I don't know the foreign version of this but basically it's deep friend pork skin which looks like this:

This is best dipped in spicy vinegar with plenty of garlic. Ohhhh yummy. Not healthy thought but DELICIOUS.

So what's next?? Ahh bulalo. I dunno where the best bulalo there is in the Philippines but any bulalo is worth it especially when pure beef is used.

It's basically a soup dish with beef chunks and assorted vegetables. What people enjoy with bulalo is thee marrow that you can suck in the bones. See the second picture with the big bone on the beef that has something inside that hole?? That's the best part of the dish!

Lumpia in the picture above is a veggie wrap with peanut sauce. Not peanut butter but peanut sauce. It's just a hint of peanut partnered with fresh vegetables. Ahhh. Similar to spring rolls.

If you love shoes I'll take you to Marikina. The best maker in leather shoes and stylish shoes too. Sometimes, the leather shoes that can be bought in US markets are from Marikina. I just learned this a couple of years ago. What most manufacturers do is order from here, then the label is taken out and substituted with a designer label. Affordable shoes yet you'll know that it will last.

Shoe collection of former first lady Imelda Marcos
Marikina Shoe Museum
Majority of the shoes in the museum is donated by Imelda Marcos since she owns the largest shoe collection I think in the world. She was the former First Lady of the Philippines. Wife of late Ferdinand Marcos.

Want to see BIG SHOES? I mean really HUGE?

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