Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Top 10 Best Places To Go Before I Die (Part 2)

So to continue my post last Sept 29 titled - My Top 10 Best Places To Go Before I Die (Part 1) - here are my 5th up to the 1st spot.

5. Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies (Canada)

I just realized that there's a lot of places to go in the Canadian Rockies but I decided that this place is where I want to wander.

Just seeing these pictures leaves me speechless. It's just dazzling. I want to experience the feeling of waking up seeing the mountains around the cabin. to witness the animals wandering around and for my feet to feel the cold water of the lake. :) 

With the listed outdoor activities in the Canadian Rookies website, it'll be hard to decide on what to do first. My partner always wanted adventure, well I think this is the place best to go.

4. Colosseum of Rome (Italy)

I've been seeing this magnificent structure in movies and series, also in documentaries. Regardless of the use of the building during ancient times, I am still intrigued with how the Colosseum was designed intricately. 

3. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

A friend told me about Amsterdam when we were discussing the places that a person should visit. He mentioned Amsterdam. Looking at pictures, the places seems a great destination.

Canal cruising, visit the beaches, eat in the pubs (try the space cake for one!), cycling, walking around Amsterdam, etc.

 And I've heard that shopping in Amsterdam is just amazing! :) That's one venture that I would love to get into.

2. Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel (Rome)

This is actually a great destination if you think about it. With it's history and all the art surrounding the place, you will be left awed.

1. Carribeans and Bora Bora

These pictures along explains everything. 'nuff said! Practically heaven! :D

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