Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review: Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K. Hamilton

Obsidian Butterfly (An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 9)Book: Obsidian Butterfly (The Vampire Hunter #9: Anita Blake Series)
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Pages: 608
Publisher: Jove
ISBN: 0515134503
Obsidian Butterfly is a scintillating journey to a world where the inhabitants are all fascinating, death isn't always final (and far from the worst thing that can happen to you), and unimaginable horrors are terrifyingly real. Hamilton seems to weave a few spells of her own by crafting a powerful story even as the harsh realities make you want to look away. For gourmands of Hamilton's prior works, Obsidian Butterfly provides yet another tantalizing course in this highly fulfilling meal. Those sampling Hamilton for the first time will likely find it the perfect appetizer, an irresistible introduction to a promised feast of delights.

After Blue Moon, Anita continues the adventure with book 9 of the Anita Blake series titled Obsidian Butterfly.

As I have said I'm my previous review of Blue Moon, I think the series is on a plateau level in a way that it is not as exciting as the previous books that I have read in the series. This novel is centered with the life of Edward, assassin and a friend of Anita, and his life outside the killing industry. We will see a softer side of Edward that we don't see much often.

Hamilton has introduce more character in the story line though forgot to build the character further or maybe the characters will be talked about in the next books. It's sad to say but I can see the book going through repetitive stages, what I mean by that is that it's the same all story with different characters and ending. Anita's character need to be rethink on what to do further or is it better for the series to retire.

As I said in the last review, a great series that I have been following faithfully but I am afraid that it's going in a downward spiral.With 608 pages, this book can be a drag. It almost became a DNF for me. If you are intending on reading the series like me, pick up the earlier books and maybe rethink from Blue Moon onwards. :)

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