Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am back! =)

Last three weeks ago I've lost my Internet connection since I moved to another place. It took me three weeks to fixed everything, including getting my connection back, and now I am happy to inform you guys that I am back in the blogosphere! Yey!

I sincerely apologize for all my short coming to my blogger friends whom I had commitments that I failed to follow up as well as authors interviews and posting that I wasn't able to get live on time. As much as I want to list down everybody and apologize for my failure to do my part, I am composing this post to give my sincerest apologies as a whole but later today expect a personal email from me and will sort out everything and will include credit however late everything will be.

This week, I'll update everything from contest winners to long over due book reviews. I just finished reading three weeks of emails. I haven't got the time yet to sort everything out but expect a detailed post by tomorrow or the next day after I figure out everything that I have left three weeks ago.

So again, I apologies and I promise this won't happen again. I missed blogging and I missed you guys but most of all I missed a lot about the book world. I am excited to be back! :)

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