Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NyteBeauti Book Tour

When talking about NyteBeauti, I'm often asked a series of questions. "How did you come up with the name?" "How did you come up with your characters?" "What inspired this story?" But the one that always sticks out is, "How did you come up with your book cover?"

Believe it or not, as much thought went into the concept of the cover, as went in to the book itself.  It started out as a Grecian themed garden. Marble pillars, lush green ferns, large floral displays. An homage to the Katana Gardens, Lady Desta's favorite place. But slowly, it started to change. I realized, that the concept I had originally, was pretty mundane, actually. All that was missing was a photo shopped photo of some dark haired beefcake, shirtless and beaded with perspiration, plastered in front of, or draping across, one of the pillars.

No, I needed something different. Eye catching. Stark. And simple. It hit me. Desta's most striking feature. What makes her memorable to all that cross her path, are those lavender eyes, and her alabaster complexion. So... it was born. Stark white background. Dramatic Black and lavender eyes. No other features to distinguish a face. Just the eyes. And before I knew it, I realized that the entire concept, the book, the cover, everything, circled around the image of eyes. Desta's memories. Her emotions. The cover. It's all about the depth of one's eyes. A window in the character's souls, as it were.

I changed the direction of the book several times, before it finally came together. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I must have realized the connections. Funny how things work out like they do. 

Check out Kristi Roisin's schedule for her book tour of NyteBeauti at The Virtual Book Tour Cafe

** This post was schedule last Nov 16, but due to technical difficulties I wasn't able to make this post  live on the said date. Apologies to Kristi Roisin, author of NyteBeauti; and Brandi K. Drury, administrator of The Virtual book Tour Cafe.

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