Monday, November 22, 2010

Review: Everything She Thought She Wanted by Elizabeth Buchan

Everything She Thought She Wanted
Title: Everything She Thought She Wanted
Author: Elizabeth Buchan
Pages: 384
ISBN: 014303700


To start, some of you guys know that I don't like Chic Lit as much as the other genre but I gave this a chance and after reading it I thought I might have made a wrong decision with the first chic lit that I read.

It's a well written book I should say but the story is nothing new. It's a too much common story in my opinion. The book is about two women in different eras. Barbara in the 50's and Sienna who is more of the present times both experience problems in their life. The story evolve around the two women and how their coped with their particular problems.

Sienna doesn't want to have a baby, and Barbara who fell in love with a younger man. That's it. The only connection Buchan made of the two is in the final chapter and my reaction was, "Huh? So?". Maybe I should have read another Buchan novel but to tell you honestly, the reason why I picked up this book was because of the lovely cover art. This is one of the examples that lovely covers doesn't mean that the story is great.

Overall, it's a so so book. If you'll ask me if I'll ever read it again, that'll be a no. But it can be a book that can be read just to pass out time. Maybe I should pick another chic lit and decide from there if I'll give the genre a liking.

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