Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review: Make Willing The Prey by Luna Lindsey

Make Willing the PreyTitle: Make Willing The Prey
Author: Luna Linsay
Format: eBook
File Size: 227 KB
Publisher: Luna Lindsey Publishing; 1 edition (August 9, 2010)
Language: English
ASIN: B003Z0CV68

Faeries: Cute, sparkly, magical and serene. Only one of these is true; They're magical. Save the rest for vampires. If you attract the attention of a faerie, you might wish all they wanted is your blood.

Sandy Windham is a lonely history major piled up to her elbows in books, facts, and the names of dead kings. Old wars and dynastic successions mean more to her than finding love. She's the least likely person to ever believe in faeries, and she especially wouldn't want to marry one. That's why she's caught the eye of Haun, a wicked faerie who's been put to an interesting challenge: Get a banal girl to marry him.

At first Sandy is delighted to receive so many luxurious gifts from a secret admirer. All she has to do is play his silly little games. It's flattering and fun, and she hopes to one day meet this mysterious romantic.

But before long the seduction turns chilling and Sandy wants the game to stop. By then it's too late. She and her friend Jina are ensnared in a web of illusions they may never be able to escape.

Once upon a time, fairytales were scary. Now they are again. Make Willing the Prey is a dark urban fantasy and horror novella that will startle you into believing in faeries.


This book was a complete surprise! The first time that Lindsey introduced me to her book I was delighted and intrigued. I love anything magical, and this book has become one of my great novella reads for this year. :) Great book to end my week.

The idea of a fae to convince a human to marry him out of a bet was genius. If you read the first part of the book, it starts slow but after reading 10 pages or more you will instantly get hooked. The second thing I love about the book is the rhymes. I am a sucker and I can't get enough, especially in Make Willing The Prey - rhymes that are intended for a wicked purpose. The third thing I like about the book is the lovely rose art. So simple and intricate, that made the book more interesting.

The characters are well written, the plot was catchy, and the pace was fast enough to make it a fun read. The book isn't a bore. The only thing that I would love to change is the book cover. Though the cover gives you a small hint inside the book, I would love the cover to be redesigned. Asides that small change, the book is worth recommending!

The book hints a sequel, and I am excited about that. I will surely ask Lindsey in my interview with her what her future plans are for Sandy and S.A. So watch out for that :)

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