Thursday, December 9, 2010

Author Interview: B.V Larson

I had the opportunity to read and review B.V Larson's first book, Blood of Gold, of the Seeker Series and absolutely loved it. To read my review, click HERE.

Today, I am very happy to have B.V Larson answer some of my questions and tell us something about him and his works. 
  • Tell us a little background of how you started writing?
About a decade ago I wrote a series of college textbooks that are still in print and doing well today, in their 4th edition. I branched into fiction, but had a hard time getting into print. I’ve had three agents, some contracts, etc, but never quite saw my novels reach print. I even got as far as cashing an advance check, and then getting the deal canceled before publication. With the new Indie publishing market, those days are thankfully behind me.
  • What books have you read that inspired you to be a writer?
Up above my head at this moment, fully circling my office twice around, are about five hundred books. Another hundred are on my kindle. Choosing among them would be difficult! For aspiring writers, however, I would recommend Lawrence Block’s books on writing. They are all excellent and still apply today.
  • You write a variety off genre which is uncommon for writers, why did you decide to write different genres?
In this area, I’m a weirdo. I didn’t know it for a long time, but after comparing myself to the majority, it’s abundantly clear. In my defense, when I look around at the works of most author’s, I shake my head in bewilderment. How can so many writers stand to write what amounts to the same book over and over? For me, that would be like having a web browser with only one website, or a television with only one channel. Yes, that is often what the fans want, but it would drive me nuts. I love to try new things. I’m easily bored, and worse, when I see something interesting, a desire grows in my heart to try it.
  • Are you a morning or night person when you write?
I’m definitely a night person. I never schedule an event that requires cognition until after 11 am at the earliest.
  • What is your writing process in writing a book?
It’s complex and it varies. Before I reached the bestseller lists, I would work from ideas, but now I have to admit I look at what people want and try to bend my thoughts in that direction. When I’ve decided on a project direction, I often start by jotting down notes and making a cover. I go through many book cover design ideas, improving on them. I’m visually stimulated, and I think readers are too. Sometimes I outline a book from start to finish. Other times, I know where I’m going to end up, but start writing without knowing how I’m going to get there. One thing I always do, once I start writing, is produce pages every single day until it is finished. Even a few pages a day gets things done.
  • If you could recommend 5 books to include in our bookshelf, what would it be?
In this field, I really like HP Mallory’s books (that gives you several reads right there). I liked Grave Witch by Alex Craft, too. Round that out with the Hunger Game series, by Suzanne Collins.
  • Why did you decide to self publish your books?
Despair, at first. I’d written a number of good novels that landed agents and got “almost, but not quite” answers from publishers. I wanted to have someone read them, so I figured I would just put my books up there and see what happened. I’ve been very surprised at the response. I’m getting more than ten thousand paid downloads a month now.
  • Tell us about Blood of Gold and The Seeker series. Why do readers need to read the books?
This is not your typical YA paranormal romance. Unlike many of them, it is not a comedy. I’ve read a number of them, and I wanted to take a fresh approach to the genre. Not everyone wants a realistic teen as the lead, but some do, and they love it. There will be at least one more novel in the series.
  • Tell us some of your plans in the future and share your final words.
I plan to keep writing and telling the stories people want to hear! I truly believe we are entering into a golden era for authors and readers alike. Readers will get more content at a lower price, over time. Writers will get the freedom to write what they love, and possibly do very well.

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