Thursday, December 9, 2010

BTT - Booking Through Thursday (Dec 9)

Do you ever read crappy books?


Yes I have read crappy books. There, I admit it! As I said always in the past that reading books is based on a person preference. It's a choice of what you like and don't like to read and people have varied choices and opinions. I have read a lot of reviews to a book that gained different opinions. Sometimes books become crappy just because we hate their version of something (I am an avid fan of Anne Rice's version of vampires that's why I hate Twilight). Again sorry for the fans of Twilight but this is just me. When we are so accustomed reading something, it's harder to love another version of it. But I must admit that there are really exceptions to this. THERE ARE REALLY CRAPPY books out there. And reading these kinds of book can influence how you choose books in the future or for writer, they can learn what not to write. :)) Crappy books are in some twisted way, the road to improvement.

Do you read crappy books?


  1. Yes! I totally agree with crappy books being the long and painful road to reading-self-help. ;O) Here's to the less crappy reading future!

  2. I don't crave crappy books. Check out my answer for this week's
    Booking Through Thursday.

  3. I would say, I don't care for certain genres. But crappy? What is that??

    Here is my Book Blogger Hop post!

  4. I agree, its a personal opinion.

  5. You are absolutely right! It is all a matter of personal preferences!

  6. Booking Through Thursday

    Do ever crave reading crappy books?

    Sometimes you just want to turn your mind off and be entertained. They're like romantic comedy chick flicks.

  7. You're right!
    One man's crap is another mans favorite.

  8. I'm an Anne Rice fan (she's been one of my favourite authors and an inspiration to me for years), but I still enjoyed Twilight. I don't like people comparing the two though because they're completely different vampire types and genres.

  9. I agree - what is crappy and what isn't is very subjective.

  10. Very true - every reader has his/her own opinion about what makes a book "crappy."


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