Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Covers & eBooks (3)

Cover & eBooks is a weekly post dedicated in my discoveries of free eBooks over the Internet. This is also a great way to discover new authors and talents among the known authors that we admire today. Books featured are free from various websites but mostly the eBook source is Smashwords. Links are provided so feel free to download the book and share it with others. :)

For other free eBook source, leave the link in the comment section.

Two blood drenched tales that interlace sex and death in the most gruesome of ways. In "Mother Knows Best" Gerald is harassed by his mother from beyond the grave... In "Dance of the Gypsy" The past is ready to pay Father Thomas a visit... Please note that both stories contain graphic content and are not intended for under 18s.

Title: Twisted imaginings: Vol 1
Author: Garry Charles
Link: Smashwords

Missy Doan is a 15 year old poet struggling with the problems of her teenage life. A life, she feels, she doesn't fit into. Drugs, murder, suicide, and death surround Missy as she struggles to cope. Her family can't help her, her friends have abandoned her and Missy is plagued with loneliness. All she can do is try to hold herself together as everything falls apart. This is her Diary.

Title: Diary of a Teenage Poet
Author: Janeen Peckford
Link: Smashwords

In “Home Lost”, Volume I of the the eight volume fantasy “Clarion of Destiny”, Leena receives the Garlan branch. From first contact her life is changed. After a solitary journey she returns home to find her village in ruins. Confused and alone Leena sets out to search for her family and to discover the reason that the Garlan branch has selected her.

Title: Home Lost
Author: Franz McLaren
Link: Smashwords

On a visit to London in 1802 Princess Tanaquill meets a stranger who brings her a glimpse of the love she'll never have in her arranged marriage. EPIC eBook awards finalist.

Title: Tanaquill
Author: Akalle
Link: Smashwords

Joanna catches her roommate, Ellie, in the midst of a private moment with herself, resulting in a relationship forever changed.

Title: Catching Ellie
Author: Shaina Richmond
Link: Smashwords

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