Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Covers & eBooks (4)

Cover & eBooks is a weekly post dedicated in my discoveries of free eBooks over the Internet. This is also a great way to discover new authors and talents among the known authors that we admire today. Books featured are free from various websites but mostly the eBook source is Smashwords. Links are provided so feel free to download the book and share it with others. :)

For other free eBook sources, leave links in the comment section.

When horror strikes, black roses are left behind. A school camping trip leads quirky middle schooler Mizu, her smart brother Kaji, Akumu and Seiya to a strange mansion in the mysterious Greenfire forest. Mizu's best friend mysteriously disappears and reappears, Mizu finds old newspapers which are two hundred years old and many more strange things. Who is behind these mysterious happenings?

Title: Roses of Doom
Author: S.P. Wish
Link: Smashwords

NASA had a successful failure. Seven sophisticated Bio-Teks (5 "human-robots" and 2 "pet-robots"), were created for a deep space mission. The money ran out, the spaceship was cancelled and these colourful characters moved out to live in the community and report back their experiences yearly. They set up 5 small businesses in adjacent shops, happily mixing with the neighbours, in Poppycock Place.

Title: Poppycock Place
Author: Biolo Dingli
Link: Smashwords

Another two blood soaked tales from the author The Horror Channel is calling "The UK's Horror Supremo"... In 'The Greatest Show on Earth' we are given a new reason to fear the Big Top and clowns haven't been this scary since Pennywise... In 'The Tunnel' something is waiting in the dark and its hungry... very hungry.

Title: Twisted Imaginings, Vol 2
Author: Garry Charles
Link: Smashwords

When it is discovered that the Judges--the mythical assassins who silence criminals--are real, the Galactic Federation begins the hunt to bring down the vigilantes. Darek, a delivery boy, is the first suspect. Fearing for his life, Darek flees to a distant world. But the world is nothing like he imagined. It is desolate and full of monsters. Can he survive the perilous world?

Title: The Judge
Author: Egan Yip
Link: Smashwords

Lydia Wilson is the biggest child star. But behind closed doors she has an unloving mother, a drug addiction, mental issues, and a man 40+ her senior who won't leave her alone. This story follows her life from age 6-adulthood. So, is she a typical child star or did she have it better than the rest?

Title: Behind The Red Rose Petals
Author: CC. Marie
Link: Smashwords

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