Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review: The Demon Girl by Penelope Fletcher

The Demon Girl (The Rae Wilder Novels)Title: The Demon Girl
Author: Penelope Fletcher
Format: eBook
Source: Author


Rae Wilder grew up and was trained to be a Celtic. Celtics are people who re educated to fight and defeat supernatural treat to human. As Rae did her daily routine of running behind the Wall, her life is changed with what she saw. As Rae tries to run for escape and save her life, an entity tries to save her from harm. That's when Rae found out that she is not human but a fairy, and not just any normal fairy, but someone who plays a big role in war.

She also learns that she is bonded with the fairy who saved her life, Braendan. Braendan is to be her life mate and to add to her already confused mind, she helps a vampire escape from being hunted by fairies. Rae later develops a bond with her vampire and her heart becomes torn between her mate and her vampire-boy.

I enjoyed reading The Demon Girl because it has a great story. Although Rae was a bit stubborn and "childish" in her acts and decisions, I wasn't on the hating side. Braedan is a great mate in the making, and so it Tomas which makes the story a little more complicated but enjoyable. The conflict between worlds is not a new concept but the intertwine connection and complications between race is something that I love to read. What I didn't love in The Demon Girl was the pacing of the story. I somewhat lost sense of time. Another issue I had was information overload. If you start reading the story, you'll realize that it might have been rushed but I don't think that was Fletcher's intention with The Demon Girl.

For a first novel in a series, The Demon Girl is great. I loved the concept, the story, the characters as well as how Fletcher wrote the novel. Asides the errors and flaws of the novel, which can be corrected, I loved reading the story. I would love to see what will happen to Rae in the future novels and I'm looking forward to what Miss Fletcher can offer.

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