Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Digger's Bones by Paul Mansfield Keefe

Digger's BonesTitle: Digger's Bones
Author: Paul Mansfield Keefe
Pages: 336
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1456313754
Source: Author

Digger's Bones is an action packed thriller that takes you from the churches and burial tombs of ancient Jerusalem to the harrowing cliffs of Bandelier National Monument and the glacier capped Zugspitze in Germany. Angie Cooper, her career in shambles, finds herself on the run from mercenaries, the Holy See, the FBI, and Interpol while trying to solve one of archaeology’s great mysteries. Yet some things are better left in the past.


Another great read worthy of recommending to other readers. Digger's Bones tells us the story of Angie and how she tries to uncovers the truth behind the reason why her colleague and friend Tarek Rashid (Digger) and Professor Rothschild, a famous archeologist, were murdered.

Digger and Profession Rothschild was killed because of the mystery that they have uncovered and Angie wants to know why. Together with her friend and mentor, Angie follows every clue that Digger left her before dying in front of her. In the middle of the adventure, Angie is being chased by a gunman who wants to acquire what Angie has discovered but later on the people involve that not only one person wants them dead but rather two! What Digger and Professor Rothschild uncovered was a matter of life and death and nothing will stop Angie from finding it out. In addition to Angie's burden, they later realize that someone is leaking information that's why her killer is always there to find her.

Digger's Bones was a thrilling adventure and great read. It was not as I was expecting it to end but some parts are predictable but that doesn't outweigh the fact that the book is a great read. The story was well research and represented that it almost seem as if the story was true. The characters were like-able combined with a plot which is awesome, Digger's Bones is part of my favorite read for this year. I really loved Angie's character who is trust worthy and can be dependable. The supporting characters were awesome and compliments the main character. The ending was not a disappointment and the epilogue added the cherry on top.

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