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Review: Right Side Talking by Bonnie Rozanski

Right Side TalkingTitle: Right Side Talking
Author: Bonnie Rozanski
Format: eBook
Source: Author

Imagine that you are a young girl with intractable epilepsy. As a last resort you submit to an operation to sever the connection between the two sides of your brain. Though the operation successfully reduces your seizures, you are left forever with two separate minds: left and right, each unaware of the other.
Imagine further that while recovering in the hospital, you witness a murder. Your dominant left brain cannot recognize unfamiliar faces, and is, therefore, unable to identify the killer. Your right brain can, but is unable to speak. Gradually, painstakingly, the right learns to spell out its thoughts in scrabble letters. At long last, on a table in a hospital lab, you describe the person who committed the crime. Too bad the killer is reading that very same message.….
Right Side Talking is a thriller that will grip the reader from its opening surgery scene to its dramatic courtroom climax. Its cast of characters: a 15-year-old epileptic; a brilliant surgeon; an unlicensed, resentful doctor from abroad who must work as an orderly; a grumpy, relentless detective, and a feisty psychologist Finally, most fascinating of all, there is the human mind itself.


When I saw the blurb of Right Side talking, I was intrigued right away. The story is about Anna who at age 15 is experiencing intractable epilepsy which makes her life somewhat a living hell. Her family then decides that she must undergo operation since every medication given to her seems not to be working. She undergoes surgery and the connection of the halves of her brain is taken out making her right side brain unaware of the left side. After her surgery, Anna's brain seems to be dominating each other making her actions contradictory. The left side of her brain can't see and her right side can't talk. As Anna becomes the only witness to a murder investigation, everybody seems to get confused and unaware including Anna and the killer might get away with the crime.

The books was exciting, fun and well research. Anna was a lovable character and you can feel sympathy for her condition but in spite the troubles Anna remains a strong character which everybody can admire. I can't imagine how a 15 year old girl can undergo such trauma and trouble not just with the murder but living her life after the surgery. While reading this novel, I keep on imagining an episode in House (House series, Hugh Laurie?). The supporting characters were also okay but I think needs a little development, same with Mischa. Another observation I have is the couple of errors in the eBook itself, a little editing would solve that. Asides these issues, the book is a great read.

Anybody who enjoys reading about mysteries, medical drama and mystery, family issues and health issues should read this book. It was a short but great read. It is a great book to read for passing time or when you are on travel.

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