Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review: Cattitude by Edie Ramer

CattitudeTitle: Cattitude
Author: Edie Ramer
Format: eBook
File Size: 458 KB
ASIN: B0040ZN224
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Cattitude is about Belle and Sorcha who are too different from one another. For one, Belle is a cat and Sorcha a psychic but both have something in common - someone wants to kill them. Belle enjoys her life with Max and his family after she was saved when she was a kitten. Sorcha is a psychic who was used by her boyfriend to take advantage of a rich man. Belle's problems started when she kept messing around with Caroline who wants to marry Max out of his money and Sorcha tries to run away from her killer. As both was trying to save themselves from their killer, they meet and swapped bodies which started a whole new problem for the two.

This was a super fun book. It was easy to read and the characters were so cute. Belle tries to live her life in human form and Sorcha tries to adjust in her cat body. The chapter where Belle tries to adapt in Sorcha's body was very entertaining especially when she described how gorgeous her body was compared to the human. The book is something fresh and refreshing. There was no "how-did-it-happen" or explanation how the two exchanged bodies or how they can get to their own body, it's how it happened. Caroline was a passable villain and indeed believable. Tory and Ted we're the typical brother and sisters. The family of Max was funny in my opinion, I can indeed see their characters in real life. I loved how Ramer wrote Cattitude so close to reality minus the body swapping magic.

I am not fanatic of cats, but reading Cattitude may have changed my mind. I would love to own a "Belle" of my own. Cattitude is in one word - AWESOME. I would definitely read it again and would definitely recommend it to friends. Looking forward to what Ramer can write in the future.


  1. Greyz, you made my morning. I'm going to quote you on my website. Thanks for the great review!

  2. @Edie - thanks for dropping by Edie. :) I totally enjoy reading your book.


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