Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book Review: The Noble Pirates by R.L. Jean

Title: The Noble Pirates
Author: Rima Jean


What will you do when you are from 2009 and suddenly wakes up to realize that you are suddenly in 1718? Sabrina was on a holiday cruise when she fell down from the cruise and wakes up to be saved by pirates in 1718. Sabrina later realizes that she doesn't have to be weak during her stay but has to become one of "them" to survive life of piracy.

When I heard about the book, I was quite fascinated as to how the story will evolve, The plot is intriguing enough to start with but after reading the book, you'll realize that that's just one part that you'll love about the novel. The characters are well written, enjoyable and quite different from the pirate movies I have seen (I have to compare the novel to a movie since this is my first time reading a pirate story). Faced with the burden of uncivilized life, Sabrina tries to learn the life in 1718 in order to survive. With no medical advancement during the time and the lack of civility that pirates have, Sabrina has to suck it up in order to survive.

When I first read about England, I thought that they would be an item. I admire England's character and how he treated Sabrina fairly in spite the fact that Sabrina told him the truth. And then there's Howel. Howel is the man of your dreams minus the unhygienic and smelly part. :) Sam was also lovable and memorable character not because of the small part he has in the book but of the knowledge and guide that he gave Sabrina later in the story. Roberts is weirdly a fun character. I would love to see how Jean developed his character in the sequel (I hope he's still there, and I bet he is!)

Jena is a great story teller and for my first pirate novel, reading The Noble Pirates was a blast! I would love to read the sequel to the story to learn how will Sabrina cope after suddenly travelling to a different era. This is a must recommend book in my list and would definitely convince you all to read it. Not only will you enjoy reading the novel, but most definitely crave for the sequel as well. Heads up to readers of younger age since the story has sexual content and violence. Asides that, The Noble Pirates is definitely for everyone!

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