Monday, January 24, 2011

eBook. The Good and The Bad

If you guys can notice, I've been lacking these past few days since I have tons of deadlines at work. Work comes first so that's my priority over blogging but that doesn't mean I can't post a book related topic once in a while. :)

As indicated in the title we are talking about eBooks. eBooks became a hit recently. Almost every book has it's own eBook format and there are dozen of sites where you can buy this format. I have a few question in mind and a few pointers to discuss.

Do you prefer eBooks rather than the printed copy? This has been a debate for quite sometime now with varying yet interesting points. I for one own an eReader yet still I buy printed copies and I favor printed version over eBooks. One reason is because of the feel and smell. It may sound weird but there's a feeling of excitement and thrill whenever I open a book while eBooks don't give us this satisfaction.

Another big issue for me is the price that the market set for eBooks. Question is how much are you willing to pay for an electronic format when in fact you can buy a printed book for almost the same price. When I purchase eBooks, I limit myself to a certain price. Are you willing to pay $23 for an eBook?

I know one of the reason why eBooks became so appreciated is because of the fact that it is convenient and clutter free. :) Especially for heavy travelers like some, it's a dilemma to bring 4-5 books or buy books and pay for additional luggage weight right? That's why eReaders are so helpful during these situations. Download a number of books and bring a single gadget for reading purposes.

And then comes the issue for piracy. There are dozen of books that are being "shared" and downloaded throughout the Internet without paying a single dime. Book collection, hard to find books, multiple format of a single copy, whatever you desire you can download it anytime. It's been a constant battle but nobody has firm control on what's happening in the Internet and authors and publishers are losing a huge amount of money over piracy.

I am not asking if you are pro or against eBooks or whether you would abandon printed copies over eBooks. I don't intend to debate with anybody, just voicing my thought about the matter. I know that this will still continue as a topic debatable since everybody has varying opinions. I for myself love my eReader and cherish my eBooks but I still buy more printed books. I don't know but there is such joy for me whenever I buy a book whether brand new or used. I wonder what will happen in the next few years to printed copies as well as eBooks. Do you have any prediction in the eBook industry?


  1. I honestly don't know what will happen in the future, but I don't think paper books will disappear. I have a Kindle and I love it, but I still buy more paper books, especially newly published, as they are not as often available immediately. Some can be pre-ordered as ebooks and others dont have the ebook option on Amazon. I find it difficult to understand why on quite a lot of occasions the ebook is more expensive than the paperback, and quite often just as expensive as the hard cover. If I had to choose paperback or ebook and they were the same price, I would probably still buy the paperback. It all depends on which option is the cheapest for me.

  2. @TheSlowestBookworm - I totally agree with you on this. I also ponder on the same point in prices. I understand that there is an explanation on this, but I haven't read it yet. But if it comes down to prize, I would definitely buy the cheapest there is. Let's be practical right? Why would we buy eBooks that are practically the same prize as hard bound books? That's crazy.

  3. I don't mind reading non-fiction in eBook format and often do, but I still prefer print for fiction. It's difficult to predict what will happen in the future. I doubt print books will go away, but they may become more expensive as the demand for them decreases.


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