Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday (2)

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Today's Topic: Books we resolve to read in 2011

  1. Harry Potter series - uhhhm .. . . . well . . Umph! Yes I have to admit it's weird but I am one of the few who haven't read the series yet. So this year, I am decided to do so. Got to buy me a copy first! :)
  2. Kathy Reich novels - I so love watching Bones. Having to learn that the series was based on a book, I was so excited to start reading it but haven't got the chance yet.
  3. Divine Comedy - I have a copy here somewhere! I also started it, but somewhat I didn't finished it so let's see if I re-acquaint myself with the book.
  4. The Iron Fey series - I was so wanting to read it when I read Winter's Passage but shipping took so long so I just received it late December and yes I will be reading it this year. Yey!
  5. A does of dystopia - I learned about this genre late last year and haven't got a clue as to what it is (I am usually clueless with book genres in general). 
  6. Sookie Stackhouse series - yeah I know. :)
  7. Vampire Diaries - another yeah and yes I know too! :))
  8. JR Ward books - uhhm I think this is another yeah I know. What is wrong with me? Geez.
  9. Old English - I don't usually read old English type of books, books before translated, and I would love to finish one this year. I started the Scarlet Letter and was confused throughout.
  10. Romance - I am so hesitant to read romance novels as they tend to be soo mushy and errr I can't really explain. But it's worth a try right?


  1. Wow... I can't believe there's still someone out there who hasn't read Harry Potter lol I sucked all of my family members into it. I'm one of those nerdy sorts who goes to the movie and book releases in costume.

    I also want to read the Kathy Reich novels... Bones is one of my favorite shows! Have you seen True Blood? I was halfway through season one and read the books because I hated waiting episode to episode to see what was happening. I can't stand the show now. It's incredibly corny in comparison to the books. But the books are awesome! Random note- I have all but the first book in the series in the Book Box on my blog up for giveaway if you feel compelled to enter yourself :)

    As far as romance, what sort are you aiming for? modern, paranormal, historical, or classic? I love historical romance (Stephanie Laurens is my favorite), but I also love classic (Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice and Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South are my favorite books)

  2. @VABookworm87 - as a rule I tend to shy away from romances because I just can't stand majority of them. I am willing to try though. Historical romance sounds intriguing, any recommendation?

    And yeah I suck when it comes to HP. I am really determined to read it this year! Thanks for dropping by and would definitely check out your giveaway. :)


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