Thursday, February 17, 2011

Book Review: Emerson and Quig, Book 1: Assumptions by C.E. Pietrowiak

AssumptionsTitle: Emerson and Quig, Book 1: Assumptions
Author: C.E. Pietrowiak
Page: 150 pages
ISBN-10: 2940011093036
Source: Author
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Will Emerson and Jordyn Quig don't know each other. They have different friends and different interest. Will is the son of archeologists and Jordyn is the daughter of a famous game developer. One is timid and quiet while the other is mostly on the spotlight because of her dad. Will and Jordyn became instant friends and later became partners for finding a sacred book.

The book in question is The Book of Raziel which is believed to hold powerful knowledge. As Will and Jordyn tries to look for the book, people will try to stand against them to take advantage of the book. The story was a quick read and it was intriguing as you read the first few chapters. The only I have with the story is the fact that it ended so abruptly. I would have appreciate it if Pietrowiak added a few more pages near the ending but regardless that issue, I am looking forward to what other adventures the duo will face in the future so if you want a quick read, pick up the novel. 

You can download it for free HERE.

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