Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Virtual Tour: Encrypted by Lindsay Buroker

Encrypted (a science fantasy romance)Title: Encrypted
Author: Lindsay Buroker
Format: eBook
File Size: 400 KB
Language: English
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Sci-fi + Romance + hard core adventure = Encrypted. Tiyaka is a linguist that helped her country win a war  by interpreting languages. Because of her talent and unbeatable skills, Tiyaka now needs to save her life from assassination attempts.

When I started reading Encrypted I was instantly hooked. Reading Encrypted was like watching an Indiana Jones movie mashed with sci-fi and magical elements plus romantic scenes with heart pounding action. The action scenes kept getting better and better through each chapter. Even without the guns and arrows or rockets, it was still interesting since it involves a witty linguist and a smart military tactician. You will also love the dialogues that Buroker wrote. It was a combination of fun, smart and intellectual banters.

Tiyaka is a character you would love. She was smart, loyal and hard as*. She knew how to take care of herself and knows her limitation though there were instances were she should have left words unspoken. Rias on the other hand is strong, equally smart than Tiyaka and charming. The supporting characters were also amazing, each stand out distinctly.

I couldn't ask anything more about the novel. It contained everything that I wanted to read, exceeded my expectation and provided me with humor, drama, love, action, and some more. Certainly looking forward to reading more of Buroker's work.

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  1. Lindsay is a great writer! =) Glad you enjoyed this!


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