Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finally . . .

Hey guys! OMG I am no longer in hiatus. I can't believe it took me 6 months to get back to blogging! Although through those 6 months, I kept on blogging in Print in Pages (my blog in Wordpress) - I do miss the rush and excitement I felt with books. I missed a lot of things specially reviewing books and interacting with you guys. I know there had been a lot that has happened but I am picking up from where I left way back March. I'll be posting book reviews from the months that I wasn't blogging - not much though, and I'm hoping that I can get back to finishing the challenges that I signed up for 2011. I know there'll be a lot of work getting back on the wagon but I am looking forward to be back again! I know there's a lot of new books but there's no rush picking those up.

Today marks my return and I'll be updating this blog in the following days. :) If you have any book recommendations that you think I would enjoy, leave a comment and I will look into it. *excited*

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