Friday, September 30, 2011

Review: Blood by K.J Wignall

Title: Blood (Mercian Trilogy #1)
Author: K.J Wignall
Pages: 288
Publisher: Egmont Books
ISBN: 1405258608
Source: Netgalley
I do not remember being bitten. I wish I did, for then I would know the creature who did this to me and I would have a purpose, to track him down and repay him for the poisoned gift he gave me. Back in the Thirteenth Century, Will was destined to be Earl of Mercia, although he never lived to inherit his title. In the centuries that follow, Will has led a lonely life, learning to deal with whatever the present day throws at him, always searching for answers but never finding any. Until this time, when he awakens after a 20-year-slumber, hungry for the blood that sustains his undeath, when it appears that he is finally getting a glimpse at why he exists. He does indeed have a destiny, and an enemy, but revealing that fate will be a matter of trust...

Picked out Blood mainly because it's a story about vampires. Blood is the story of William who was turned a vampire in the 1200's and was originally the rightful Earl of Mercia. The story starts off with Will  retelling us his history over 800 years of being an undead creature of the night. When Will awoke from his hibernation and goes out to find someone to feed on, that's where everything started.

The story looks promising, but unfortunately the story was a bit slow for me. There were a lot of times that I got bored reading the book and was eager to finally finishing it. Another issue for me was Will himself. I mean, why does a vampire spend all his time hibernating and contemplating on his existence? Most of his 800 years living as the undead, he spend 3/4 of it hibernating - I do understand that Wignall wanted a different take on vampire but it is just weird for me  :| Okay adding to that the other characters of the book were not as memorable as they should be. We have Eloise who is a spoiled girl who chose to ran away just because nobody is paying attention to her. Then there's Chris and Rachel who own a vegan restaurant who supposedly will help Will and Eloise- again, not memorable, not much of a help either. And to top that, all three character didn't seemed afraid or surprise or baffled that Will is a vampire.  Intro the witches, I really don't understand their play on the story and why they popped all of a sudden - what's their connection in everything?

Next problem were the villains. Lack of exposure on their part.The battle scene was close to the ending of the book that I felt it was rushed and it didn't resolve any problems - I do understand that Blood is an intro to a trilogy but still.

I actually enjoyed the flashbacks of William's history. I also enjoyed how I can picture the scene and what's happening as I read on. That's a plus! Blood is an okay book, it was written with a good story but somehow it didn't pull me deeper. I am contemplating on whether I'll read book 2 since I fell that my questions will get answered then but if it's similar to this one - I might as well read another book. I just feel soo detached to the book.

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