Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: Populazzi by Elise Allen

Title: Populazzi
Author: Elise Allen
Pages: 400
Publisher: Hartcourt Children's Books
ISBN: 0547481535
Source: Netgalley


Who wouldn't want to be popular in high school? Who wouldn't want to be known and adored by the people around you? Who wouldn't want to the "the one" that everyone envies and look up to?

Welcome to the world of Cara. Cara had the same desire, to be the Supreme Populazzi, or the "it girl" that people admire. She was at the bottom of the social ladder. And when her parents decided to move, this is Cara's chance to reinvent herself and try to be a populazzi which she never been in her previous school and her best friend Claudia has the perfect plan to achieve such goal.

With the plan in motion, Cara learns the ins and outs of what it takes to be on top. There are four types or climb to the Ladder. Happy Hopeless being the bottom part of the Ladder, followed by Cubby Crew. DangerZone comes next and then the top which is being the Populazzi. Being a Happy Hopeless, it takes a lot of steps to reach the top - Populazzi. Later on, Cara battles the conflicting issue she has with her goal of climbing the Ladder and if she really wants to pursue the steps needed to be on top.

What i love about the book was that it was an easy read. It was pacy and it was smoothly written that I enjoyed every page of the book. I read Populazzi in a single sitting and it captured the what I believe are the behind the curtain of  of high school cliques - the good and the bad. It is a story that every teen can relate to. The story telling was flawless and each character was their own and very dynamic. Archer was adorable - your easy going guy, smart, good looking, passionate about his craft. Definitely swoon worthy if you ask me. Claudia on the other hand I had a love and hate relationship. I love how she is the loyal and ever supportive best friend but there are times that I just hate her for pushing Cara to the extreme, even up to the point that Cara was not comfortable anymore. Trista, Supreme Populazzi, was even relatable. She was your typical mean girl but through the book, I saw a softer side of Trista which I appreciated that Allen included. I even got excited when Robert came in, who wouldn't love a Star Wars geek quoting Yoda every time? The branding of each clique was brilliant, I actually enjoyed reading those parts. Although Cara's family was somewhat off for me, I though that it could really happen to some so I grew to loving that part as well. To sum up Populazzi, definitely a book worth recommending! Looking forward to what Allen can offer to her readers in the future.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book and glad to hear there was some dimension to the characters.


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