Saturday, October 15, 2011

Covers & eBook (10)

Cover & eBooks is a bi-weekly post dedicated in my discoveries of free eBooks over the Internet. This is also a great way to discover new authors and talents among the known authors that we admire today. Books featured are free from various websites but mostly the eBook source is Smashwords. Links are provided so feel free to download the book and share it with others. :)

Title: Redemption (Part Three of the Arbiter Project Trilogy)
Author: Marek Storm
Smashwords Link
Adam Lucas and Hans Richter are fleeing for their lives from a government conspiracy to cover up a top secret military project gone awry. Now its up to Sigmund Richter to learn the truth about his father's work. Saved by an operative of The Agency when his own life is threatened, Sigmund learns that his memories have been altered. Somewhere in his mind is the key to unlocking the Arbiter Project. 

Title: The Ugly Princess
Author: Oksana Vasilenko
Smashwords Link
A fairy tale about a princess who happened to be born very ugly. Nobody wanted to talk to her, no prince ever wanted to marry her. What happened to the poor thing? Read this story and find out! 

Title: Blood Shadow: Book of Daniel
Author: Phil Wohl
Smashwords Link
Blood Shadow: Book of Daniel is the second book of the new-age vampire series. It is game-on for the vampires and their protectors, against their immortal enemies, a determined pack of hunters. Family lines are blurred and the battle becomes clouded, as Daniel moves to the forefront of the ages-old confrontation. 

Title: Antara
Author: Marilena Mexi
Smashwords Link
Peace and tranquility on the island of Aster, home to both humans and merfolk’, has long been broken by a devastating phenomenon, recurring every five years. A storm including gusting winds and huge waves mysteriously appeared and eradicated much of the population. Secrets, intense emotions and strange phenomena will upset their lives forever. 

Title: Gone Green
Author: A.L. Brown
Smashwords Link
What does a blade-wielding, motorcycle-riding, zombie-killer want? Find out in this post-apocalyptic story of college professors, green brains, and sweet, fizzy soda pop! 

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